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How to submit information to be displayed on the MessageBoards

  1. Go to
  2. Create new ticket
  3. Select “MessageBoard” as category
  4. Follow the guidelines listed below for submitting content 
  5. Content is then sent to Helpdesk.


How you should submit MessageBoard tickets to Helpdesk

  • Include a start and end date for the slide to appear.
  • Image files must be high enough resolution(1080p) to look nice on the displays or they will be removed.
  • Keep text short and to the point.
  • Slides with a lot of text are going to be ignored by students.
  • If you send in a format IT can’t upload and can’t edit, there is nothing that IT can do to change that.
  • Colors should meet the W3 recommended requirements for web. IT often uses this website to verify this. This is not only for the benefit of individuals with color vision deficiency, but it makes information easier to read for everyone.
  • Not all slides need to look the same, but they should maintain some level of consistency.
  • Informational slides like hours and how students can access things should be minimalist. Event slides for things like the Haunted Trail and similar are free to be flashier.


How to make sure your content is uploaded in timely manner 

  • Use the portal and instructions listed at the start of this documentation. IT uses these categories to auto assign tickets to the correct employee.
  • Send us the file in whatever software you created it in preferably, publisher files work very well as most of the time we can convert it to the format of the messageboards without modification.
  • Standard image formats such as JPEG or PNG, work well as long as they are in 1920x1080 the resolution of our TVs to prevent stretching.

Event Slide Example

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