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  • It has been a marvelous opportunity to serve in SGO.  It gives the chance for students to be more a part of the school than just a student coming to class and leaving.  A feeling of making a difference in the daily experience of a student is preserved and the ability to make a difference is facilitated.  It has given me great pleasure to be able to represent nursing and bring to the program what we would miss without the SGO experience.

    October 22, 2015
  • Being a part of student government is one of the few opportunities we have to add value to our student experience by serving our classmates, representing our college in the community, and collaborating with other organizations and the college administration; Students serving students.

    October 15, 2015
  • She loved the "one on one" that she received with our smaller classroom sizes - especially since she went on to a University where she felt like "just another body in a seat".   She had the most amazing instructors; MATC really cares about their students. She would be one of the last students to leave in the evenings and her instructors were there with her assisting her with all of her questions.  Without MATC, she is not sure that she would have made it as far as she has -- she starts her Ph.D. program in Human Services next month!

    July 31, 2015