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The following is the list of immunizations that are a part of the Practical Nursing packet. Please use the checklist below to make sure that you have completed ALL immunizations.


MMR Documentation

  • Two (2) doses or proof of immunity by titer


Chickenpox (Varicella)

  • Two (2) doses or proof of immunity by titer


Tetanus (TDAP)

  • One (1) doses less than 10 years old


Hepatitis B (Hep B)

  • Three (3) doses or proof of immunity by titer


Additional Vaccination Information:

  • For additional assistance refer to the Explanation of Immunization Requirements (PDF)
  • TAKE TIME to verify that copies of immunizations are, highlighted, and attached to the PN packet.
  • Chickenpox is an immunization that is often incomplete. We can only accept proof of vaccination or a titer. We cannot take anyone’s testimony that you had chickenpox, not even a physician’s. Make sure that you have either vaccines or a titer. Paperwork for a low titer will not be accepted.
  • Current practice is to give TDAP for the tetanus, as pertussis, which is the “P” in the vaccine, has resurfaced recently. Some clinical sites are indicating that they’re going to require it for our students. So, please ask your healthcare provider to give you that vaccine.
  • Hepatitis B is required by vaccine or titer. If your titer is low, you should get the vaccine. Paperwork for a low titer will not be accepted. As the Application Information and Instructions state, you should get the Hepatitis B early, as it takes 6 months to complete the series as required.

Due to the student nurse requirements we must adhere to the above dosage amounts of the immunization record listed above.

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