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Irma O'Dell



Dr. Irma O’Dell currently serves as Associate Professor, in the Staley School of Leadership Studies at Kansas State University were she teaches leadership classes and coordinates assessment. Previously she worked as a Research Associate Professor/Principle Evaluator for the Office of Educational Innovation and Evaluation at Kansas State University. Prior to coming to Kansas State University, she was Curriculum Coordinator/Associate Professor in the Department of Health Education and Recreation at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Early in her career, she knew her passion was to teach and work in higher education. She has served others as a leader in programming and taught leadership classes for more than twenty years.


Dr. O’Dell received her Bachelor of Science degree from George Williams College in Downers Grove, Illinois, her Master of Science degree from Southern Illinois University Carbondale and her Doctor of Philosophy from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. She has published over 30 articles in various academic journals and made over 35 presentations at state, national and international conferences.

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