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Upcoming Welding Training for Caterpillar in Wamego

Once again, we are pleased to be partnering with the Kansas Department of Commerce, the Manhattan and Junction City Workforce Centers and Caterpillar Work Tools, Inc. on a Workforce AID - Aligned with Industry Demand grant to provide short-term welding training this summer.  

Instructor Chris Nichols, was specifically trained in Caterpillar's welding methodology and has already trained 10 students using this curriculum.  Nine of those students moved on to permanent employment with Caterpillar with a starting wage of $13.50 plus benefits.  This program provides students with tuition/fees, curriculum resources, supplies and 11 hours of college credit.  Students can earn an American Welding Society qualification, in addition to the possibility of attaining Caterpillar's internal welding qualification.  

Enrollment for the program, that starts July 11, 2016, is ongoing.  Program contacts can be found here.

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