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ManhattanTech Innovates to Win Think and Do Challenge

James Genandt, President of Manhattan Area Technical College, is pleased to announce that the institution had the winning proposal for the National Bio and Agro Defense Facility’s Think and Do Challenge called Biohazardous Risk Reduction Training and Assessment.  This contest was sponsored in part by the Department of Homeland Security and asked “…thinkers, doers, and entrepreneurs to offer fresh approaches, unique ideas or proven methods to jumpstart the development of an instrument that enhances the NBAF’s role in shaping bio/agro security for the 21st century.”


With the $53,106 award, MATC will develop a unique Biosafety/Risk Reduction training program that will be offered to our own biotechnology program students, as well as to area facilities maintenance, construction, first-responders and other personnel that will be interfacing with NBAF’s unique laboratory environment.  An innovative component of MATC’s new training program is development of a key assessment piece to test workers on their ability to stay safe in Biosafety Security Level 2-4 laboratories that must comply with stringent federal requirements. 


Known for hands-on technical training, the College plans to fund the development of the curriculum, creation of an assessment and market the program, as it will have application beyond just NBAF-related laboratories and facilities. The MATC faculty and staff involved with the development of the proposal included Frank Avila, Barb Wenger, Dawn Krause, and Marilyn Mahan. Each of these individuals contributed key information and expertise in the development of the proposal.


The project timeline and implementation will be released within a few weeks. 

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