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An IV Therapy course prepares an LPN for limited intravenous therapy skills. The course contains 30 hours of class time, and 8 hours of clinical time. The IV therapy course at Manhattan Area Technical College follows the Kansas Nurse Practice Act 60-16-104, which outlines that the curriculum will be based on the Infusion Nurses Society standards of practice.


Program Information

Estimated Monthly Cost

(Approximately $300 - One Time Course Fee)

Estimated Total Cost

Including tuition, fees,

books and supplies

(Approximately $300)

Average Wage

Completion Time

1 Course


Admission Requirements

  • Current photo ID
  • Current CPR certification
  • Current TB skin test (or TB chest X-Ray)
  • Immunizations or positive titer for MMR (2), Varicella (2), Hepatitis B (3) Tetanus
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Copy of current LPN or RN license, or license number
  • Background Check
“Manhattan Tech was
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