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Acceptance Process

Admission to the Manhattan Tech Dental Hygiene program is determined through a competitive selection process. Submission of an application does not guarantee a position in the program.

After the application deadline (January 15), all applications are reviewed and a maximum of 30 qualified applicants with the highest scores from the initial evaluation will be scheduled for personal interviews.  Final selections will be based upon a competitive process that ranks the interviewed applicants using the following scaled point system:

  • 60% On Campus Evaluation
    • Includes scores from the face-to-face interview, verbal presentation, skills test, assessment of writing skills and ethical decision-making, and community and/or school involvement and leadership
  • 25% Assessment Score
    • Determined using results from the TEAS test. Average Adjusted Individual TEAS for August 2018 entrance class: 69.3
  • 15% GPA
    • Determined using the cumulative GPA from all previously and currently attended institutions. Average GPA for August 2018 entrance class: 3.42
Note: Although not required, additional points are given to applicants that have already obtained an Associates, Bachelors, or Master’s degree. Only degrees obtained from accredited institutions are considered.

All applicants will be notified in writing of their acceptance status. A maximum of Fourteen (14) students will be accepted into the program and several additional students will be selected as alternates and will be offered admission into the program should one of the candidates be unable to accept his/her seat in the class.

Reapplication Process

Applicants who are not selected for admission must re-apply the following year and resubmit all application materials except the MATC college application. Applications to the college are honored for three (3) years.Applicants not selected for admission into the program are encouraged to talk with an Academic Advisor prior to re-applying. Transcripts are kept on file but applicants will need to submit new transcripts if courses are retaken.

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