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Dental Hygiene Department Requirements

After acceptance into the program, students will be required to attend program orientation (date is given in the post interview acceptance letters) and participate in a CPR-BLS for the Healthcare Provider Training.  They are also required to provide documentation of the following items on or before the first business day in August:

  • Background Check—Clinical agencies affiliated with the Dental Hygiene program and state licensing applications require all students to pass a criminal background check. Any fees associated with these mandates will be the student’s responsibility.
  • Health Insurance—Students are required to have an individual health insurance policy to cover any illnesses or injury that may occur while enrolled in the program. Documentation to provide proof of insurance must be submitted prior to the deadline.
  • Comprehensive Physician’s Exam and Vision Screening—Students are required to have a physician’s exam and vision screening to verify that there are no major health or vision issues that may affect full participation in the dental hygiene program and clinical and lab exercises. Verification of the exam and screening must be submitted prior to the deadline.
  • TB Skin Test—Students are required to have a TB Skin test performed and provide documentation of the test results prior to the deadline. The test should be performed between the current acceptance year of June 1 and July 31.

Specific Information about the above requirements will be provided at program orientation, which is usually scheduled 6-8 weeks before the first day of classes, and will need to be completed on or before the first business day in August.

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