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3DT is under a program review by administration and will not be accepting applicants for fall 2018.

Program Mission

The Digital Drafting Design Technology program’s mission is to prepare students with the skills required to meet globally recognized industry standards and to adapt in a rapidly changing technical environment.  Students will demonstrate technical competencies for success as design technicians via a technical portfolio and associate degree credentials.

Program Description

The Digital Drafting Design Technology program is a certificate and Associate Degree program that prepares students with the skills required to meet industry standards across the United States.  Working with engineers, architects, or machinists, drafters help develop 3DT plans and drawings for industry.  Students will demonstrate competence via a technical portfolio and credentials that will prepare them for success in entry‐level, intermediate, and senior positions.


3DT is an important industrial art extensively used in many applications, including automotive, shipbuilding, and aerospace industries, industrial and architectural design, prosthetics, and many more. 3DT is also widely used to produce computer animation for special effects in movies, advertising and technical manuals. [1]

The program provides instruction in the following software’s; AutoDesk: AutoCAD, Civil 3D, 3Ds Max, Revit Suite, Inventor, NavisWorks; Bentley Microstation, and Design Data SDS/2 and in the following areas of study; engineering graphics, architectural drafting, structural detailing, civil drafting, MEP drafting, manufacturing drawing and processes. 


Pottmann, H.; Brell-Cokcan, S. and Wallner, J. (2007) "Discrete surfaces for architectural design", pp. 213–234 in Curve and Surface

Design, Patrick Chenin, Tom Lyche and Larry L. Schumaker (eds.), Nashboro Press,
ISBN 978-0-9728482-7-5.

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ADDA Certified Curriculum

The 3DT Department is third-party certificated by ADDA Logothe American Design Drafting Association (ADDA) for the Drafter Certification.  We join an elite group of schools, colleges, and universities nationwide that hold certification though the ADDA.

The ADDA is the oldest certification organization for drafting in the United States established in 1948.  This certification is industry recognized nationwide and will assist our graduates in securing employment.

Digital Drafting Design Technology Department is an “ADDA Authorized Testing Center”

The 3DT Technology Department is an ADDA Authorized Testing Center. Professional Certification is an examination system which ADDA developed almost 20 years ago to establish a credentialing system based on an individual's competency level.  The examinations are based on years of experience or training level.  Examinations are available to Professionals and Students.   Examinations may be taken at any approved testing site or through a proctor approved by ADDA. If you are interested in taking a professional certification test, contact Norm Delay at or ADDA at for more information.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates will:

  • Demonstrate both “soft” skills and technical skills.
  • Be prepared to meet the ever-changing needs of the industry.
  • Be provided an opportunity to complete an accomplished presentation portfolio of skills

Certification Opportunities

  • ADDA drafter certification

Admission Process

Schedule a visit

Campus visits are available by appointment at 9:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.  Monday-Friday.  Please call (785) 587-2800 to schedule your visit.

Submit an application

Apply Now!

The earlier the better!  Enrollment is limited, and applicants are admitted on a first-applied, first accepted basis for all programs except Nursing and Dental Hygiene.

Apply for financial aid

Attend Orientation

Once you are accepted, MATC will contact you to attend a new student orientation 2-3 months before classes begin.

Begin Classes! 


  • MATC Merit Scholarship
  • Vocational Educational Scholarship Program

Career Opportunities

  • Drafting Technician
  • Detailer
  • Machine Drafting
  • Architectural Drafting
  • Electrical Drafting
  • Civil Drafting
  • Steel Drafting
  • Research & Development Drafter

Job Placement

The salary range for the Digital Drafting Design Technology graduates ranges $15.00-$24.75 per hour .Wages and benefits vary depending on location of employment. The Digital Drafting Design Technology program had a 95% placement rate for the 2013-2014 graduates.

Employment Outlook 

Outlook for employment in field in Kansas
The “Drafters” occupations are divided into three categories: (1) Architectural & Civil, (2) Electrical & Electronics, and (3) Mechanical.  The biggest change is expected in the first category.  Architectural & Civil Drafters had an average annual employment of 852 statewide in 2006 and a projection of 946 in 2016.  That represents an increase of 94 jobs (11.0%).

Outlook for employment in field nationwide
Opportunities should be best for individuals with at least 2 years of postsecondary training in a drafting program that provides strong technical skills and considerable experience with 3DT systems. 3DT has increased the complexity of drafting applications while enhancing the productivity of drafters.  It also has enhanced the nature of drafting by creating more possibilities for design and drafting.  As technology continues to advance, employers will look for drafters with a strong background in fundamental drafting principles, a high level of technical sophistication, and the ability to apply their knowledge to a broader range of responsibilities. Most job openings are expected to arise from the need to replace drafters who transfer to other occupations or leave the labor force completely.

Employment of drafter’s remains tied to industries that are sensitive to cyclical changes in the economy, primarily construction and manufacturing.  During recessions, drafters may be laid off. However, a growing number of drafters should continue to find employment on a temporary or contract basis as more companies turn to the employment services industry to meet their changing needs.

Demand for particular drafting specialties varies throughout the country because employment usually is contingent on the needs of local industry.

Endorsement Statements

“MATC gave me the tools and knowledge to succeed in today’s Engineering Industry.  The realistic, hands-on courses gave me a foundation for multiple disciplines in the industry, in which I utilize every day.  The state-of-the art instruction from accomplished industry experts, and the cutting edge software, gave me the confidence to succeed.”

-Paula Hiatt, Substation Designer/CAD Coordinator POWER Engineers, Inc., 2002 graduate

“As an Alumna of MATC & now Professional Engineering CAD Technician, I see MATC’s Drafting Program as one of the best, if not THE BEST, in the State of Kansas.  The educators & personnel are fully-committed to giving their students the best range of experience related to the CAD field, and with the most up-to-date software.  It’s gratifying to me, to work with them for the betterment of their students, and I look forward to interviewing with the students as they move into the workforce.”

-Laurel Warren, 2003 graduate

"The drafting instructors at MATC are dedicated to their student’s success.  That commitment is evident in the outstanding curriculum they've developed and the high job placement rate of their graduates.  They maintain close contact with industry professionals and adapt the drafting program to meet employer’s needs.  As a 3D Laser Scanning company, the diversity of our work is challenging on BIM drafters/designers.  Each must be able to proficiently produce mechanical, structural, and architectural models utilizing multiple software packages.  MATC is where we go to find graduates that have the technical skills to meet our needs."

Heathe Ball, Principal
Rogue Visual Design
520 West 103rd Street #339
Kansas City, Missouri 64114

"Kaw Valley Engineering has had a long history of hiring graduates of MATC.  The foundational knowledge that MATC provides contributes to the success of those we have hired.  Kaw Valley Engineering is most interested in individuals that are looking for a career not just a job.  We want people that are able to adapt to changes, both in the type of jobs on which they are working and the software they use to complete those jobs.  MATC gives their graduates the tools they need to grow into their job, and to continue to grow throughout their career."

Kaw Valley Engineering
2319 North Jackson St.
Junction City, KS 66441 

"MATC has one of the best Computer Aided Drafting programs around.  They teach a wide variety of disciplines such as mechanical, electrical and civil.  You learn not only two-dimensional, but three-dimensional drafting and modeling as well.  Their vast array of courses and software means students graduate with a well-rounded degree and a broad knowledge of drafting practices that are used in different industries, ensuring they are prepared for their job on day one."

-Tiffany Pauley, 2010 graduate

"Every Monday morning our team has a meeting to go over everyone’s schedules, Revit changes, team updates, etc...  For the past few months our team owners and associates attended multiple meetings to set goals for our team this year.  Many of those goals were about our projected revenue and some projects we would like to acquire.  There was something in the presentation that stuck out to me.  One of the owners said that for a few years Henderson was not marketing at technical colleges when they first started using Revit because they were not sure if those students would be as helpful or knowledgeable with that software.  But our program has proved them wrong, they said they are very impressed with the students that have come from MATC and plan to hire more!! I couldn’t agree more, MATC has a great program. Keep up the great work Norm!"

-Blake Henry, CADD Technician, Henderson Engineers, Inc., Graduate 2013

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Program Information

Estimated Monthly Cost

A.A.S - $712
Certificate - $784

Estimated Total Cost

Including tuition, fees,

books and supplies

A.A.S. Degree - $12,000
Tools & Supplies - $800

Certificate - $6,260
Tools & Supplies - $800

In accordance with 34 CFR 668.6(b), that requires institutions to disclose certain information about the programs to prospective students, please see: Gainful Employment.

Average Wage

$16 - $19.23 per hour

Completion Time

62 Credit Hours
4 Semesters
August & January Start Dates


Admission Requirements

All students applying for the Digital Drafting Design Technology (3DT)program must meet with the department’s instructor(s) before entering the program.

3DT students must have articulated 3DT courses from their high school for DFT 103 Fundamentals of Drafting, 3DT experience, or get permission from the department to start the program.  Those students that do not have any 3DT background will be required to take DFT 103 Fundamentals of Drafting.  This course can be taken concurrently with first semester 3DT courses.

3DT students must be proficient in keyboarding, Microsoft Windows™, and Microsoft Office Suite™.  Students who do not possess the required computer skills must complete MATC’s CIS 100 Software Applications course.

COMPASS Assessment

Official High School Transcript or GED 


The Higher Learning Commission
230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500
Chicago, IL 60604
(800) 621-7440 or (312) 263-0456 

The Kansas Board of Regents (KBOR)
1000 SW Jackson, Ste. 520
Topeka, KS 66612-1321

105 East Main Street
Newbern, Tennessee 38059

Program Instructors

Keith Spencer

3DT Instructor


“Manhattan Tech was
critical to my success ...”

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