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MATCOnline FAQ for Students

What resources are available to help me?
Students taking an online class have access to the technical and instructional support of the Learning Management System (LMS) Administrator. Contact with any questions, concerns or feedback regarding your online class or instructor.
Students can also reach out the Learning Resource Center for face-to-face tutoring, as well as nearly 24/7 online tutoring support. More information can be found under the LRC tab within MATCOnline.
For all IT-related troubleshooting or support, you can go to the Help Desk Portal to submit a ticket requesting help logging in, installing software or browsers, and other related issues. The Help Desk Portal is found at


How can I prepare?
The LMS Administrator offers an MATCOnline Student Orientation, which is an online course that guides you through how to take an online class at MATC. Arrange to be added to this course by contacting your advisor. You can also be added by communicating with the LMS Administrator directly.


How do I access my class website?

Your classes are listed in the left sidebar under My Courses.


What do I do to get started?

  1. Check your email for your instructor’s welcome message.
  2. Email your instructor to introduce yourself and ask questions.
  3. Download and print the class syllabus in Support Materials on the main page.
  4. Locate the first assignment sheet in Support Materials inside the first class module.


How do instructors take attendance?

MATCOnline courses have a built-in tool that allows instructors to track student activity within the course. They can analyze how often you login to the class, which activities you’ve worked on and for how long, and more.

Students must complete minimum requirements within the first five business days to stay in the course, or they will be administratively dropped. They must:

  1. login (instructors can track your online activity)
  2. Read the syllabus and all policies. Pass the Computer Usage & Academic Honesty online quiz.
  3. Complete all required instructor-designed assignments for that first week (for example, post a welcome message in the forum or take a quiz on Chapter 1).


How will I learn in an online class?

Your instructor will plan a course of action for you and give you an Assignment Sheet with instructions for what you need to study and complete for a grade each week. Each Assignment Sheet acts as a lesson plan and contains vital information to facilitate student learning. They are designed with online learning best practices in mind. Each one has:

  1. student learning outcomes so students know what their goals are,
  2. methods of instruction so students know how to reach those goals,
  3. coursework so students know how their instructor will measure their success at reaching the learning goals, and
  4. reminders about upcoming topics, assessments and important dates.


What are some common methods of instruction for online learning?

Your instructor may assign textbook readings, articles, Power Point presentations, videos, podcasts, interactive simulations, or other reference materials.


How do instructors grade online classes?

You could be graded based on uploading files, online quizzes, participation in discussion forums, group chats, reflection questions, essays, blog posts, demonstrations, video production, peer reviews/critiques, and other projects or products.

In addition, each 16-week online course requires students to participate in at least two face-to-face proctored assessments. Each 8-week online course requires students to participate in at least one face-to-face proctored assessment. See more about this below.


What is a face-to-face proctored assessment?

A proctor is simply a person who monitors you as you complete an assessment. In some cases, this person will be your instructor. If not your instructor, you will be responsible for making an appointment with the proctor on campus at the Learning Resource Center—that email address is


For students who live far from campus or need to otherwise make other arrangements, there is a process for locating an approved remote (off-campus) proctor. The Learning Resource Center has more information on this process. Their policies and procedures can be found under the LRC tab within MATCOnline.

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