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Where Can I Receive Tutoring Assistance?

Manhattan Tech offers tutoring in the Learning Resource Center (LRC).  The LRC is located in room 105 of the main building.

Our normal operating hours are:

Monday thru Thursday - 8:00am to 7:00pm
Friday -
8:00am to 4:00pm

What Type Of Tutoring Is Available?

The LRC offers 1-on-1 and small group face-to-face tutoring sessions.  These sessions are scheduled individually with an LRC tutor.  They can be a one-time occurrence or scheduled for the entire semester.  

Online tutoring is also available to all Manhattan Tech students.  The LRC has partnered with Brainfuse to bring live, one-on-one online tutoring to all Manhattan Tech students.  

What Is Brainfuse Online Tutoring?

Brainfuse HelpNow offers students free, live on-demand tutoring in a variety of college subjects.  Students communicate in real-time with a tutor through the Brainfuse Online Classroom.  Tutoring sessions can be saved and viewed later for review.  

Students also have access to the Brainfuse Online Writing Lab.  The writing lab allows students to submit written assignments for review by a professional writing expert.  

To access Brainfuse you must have a Manhattan Tech username and password, and be signed into MATConline.  Click here to get startedor contact the LRC today for a demo.

When Are Tutors Available?

LRC tutors are available Monday - Friday for appointments and walk-ins during normal hours.  

Brainfuse online tutors are available according to the schedule listed HERE.

How Do I Meet With A Tutor?

Don’t worry it’s easy.  You can either stop by the LRC during open hours to make an appointment, or send an email to  Please be specific with time and date.  Also, if there are conflicts the tutor will respond and let you know.  We do prefer, and encourage appointments. 

In What Courses Can I Receive Tutoring Assistance?

Tutoring is available in most General Education Courses such as:


  • College Algebra#
  • Intermediate Algebra#
  • Beginning Algebra#
  • Technical Math 1#
  • Technical Math 2#


  • Technical Writing#
  • English Comp 1#
  • English Comp 2#
  • Public Speaking#
  • Workplace Writing#


  • Anatomy & Physiology**
  • Microbiology**
  • Biology**
  • Chemistry#

Social Sciences:

  • Intro to Sociology*
  • General Psychology*
  • Marriage and Family*
  • Human Growth and Development*
  • Nutrition*


  • Accounting#
  • Software Applications#
  • Business English#
  • Business Communication#
  • Finance**



*Face-to-face tutoring
**Online tutoring

#Face-to-face & online tutoring


I Am A Nursing Student. Can I Get Help On My Med Math?

Yes.  Practical Nursing and Degree Nursing students can receive assistance with their Medication Math and Dimensional Analysis work.

Is Tutoring Free?

Yes.  Both face-to-face and online tutoring are free services offered to all Manhattan Tech students.

How Should I Prepare For A Tutoring Session?

In order for your tutoring session to be as productive as possible remember to do the follow:

  • Make sure that you attend class
  • Bring your assignments
  • Bring your textbook for the class you need assistance with
  • It is also helpful to have reviewed the text material and notes 

Is The LRC Tutoring A Substitute For Going To Class?

No.  New material should be learned in class.  Students need to speak with their instructors regarding make-up work.

I Can Get The Answers From The Tutor, Right?

No.  The tutor is not an “answer machine,” and will not do your homework for you.

“Manhattan Tech was
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