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Critical Environment Technologies

To meet the needs of biotechnology companies and agencies locating near Manhattan, KS, MATC has developed a Biohazardous Risk Reduction training course for Facilities Technicians of Critical Environments.

This training is aimed at the safety needs of Operations & Maintenance technicians, contractors and others who work in and around BSL2-4 laboratories or cleanrooms. It will provide the safety skills necessary to maintain specialized critical environments with the goal of minimizing worker exposure and company liability. The program will award Certificates of Completion to participants who pass the hands-on skills assessments.

The program offers:

  • 3-day training sessions scheduled to meet industry needs
  • Real-world skills assessment to be conducted within a functional BSL3
  • City of Manhattan Code Services – 6 CEUs
  • Knowledge of industry-specific guidelines, regulations, and standards
  • Customizable curriculum and structure for regional industry